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Success Story of

Muhiddin Kadı

Muhiddin Kadı was born in 1978 in the Al-Rai region of Aleppo. He is a high school graduate and runs a shoe manufacturing workshop. By participating in the “Şirketim” project, he voluntarily completed all necessary legal registrations of his business. Today he lives with his family in Sultangazi, Istanbul.

Before arriving in Turkey, in Syria, Muhiddin was living in Aleppo by earning his life through shoe production. Seven years ago – in 2013 -, he immigrated to Turkey from Syria because of the civil war. When he came to Turkey, he first entered into Turkey through illegal ways since Turkey closed its Syrian border. Fortunately, his family was with him during this challenging and dangerous journey, and they stayed together until their arrival. Also, today they live in Sultanbeyli as a family, including a father, mother, and five children.

In Syria, he had also worked in the footwear industry. In fact, shoe manufacturing was a family business for him. Later, when the family shifted to the textile sector and started to involve in the textile sector, he left the shoe manufacturing sector and got into the textile trade. When he came to Turkey, the start was not easy; however, somehow, he managed to abide by his occupation. He found a job as a worker in another workshop with his friend’s help. He worked for the same company for two years, until he had established his own business. Starting his own business in the field where he has years of experience seemed more logical and profitable business to him, and he established his own company. Although he was happy to work in his own workshop, he was abstaining while working and always had to consider municipality inspections since he did not make the necessary registration. This situation was challenging, both mentally and financially.

Before joining the project, he did not have any prior knowledge about GIZ or United Work. Later, when his friend who had participated in the project before him informed him about the project, he wanted to be involved in this project and contacted United Work. He both filled the online application form and, taking United Work’s phone number from his friend, called them. Besides, once the project officers explained the project, he has learned about GIZ.

When he applied for the project, his business was entirely informal. He completed all the steps in the project and obtained the municipality license.  With the project support, the tax office and chamber registration were completed, the necessary inventory of the workplace (Fire Extinguisher and Pos Machine) was obtained, the work permit and the municipality license were obtained. Thanks to this support, Muhiddin’s workplace has started to work completely in accordance with the law. As he started working in accordance with the law, he became able to think differently about his job. Now, without fear, he wants to expand his business and produce more. In addition, support for COVID-19 has been seriously valuable support for him. With this support, especially at a time when business came to a standstill, he secured himself. For all these reasons, he is thrilled to participate in the project and would like to thank all the project partners and United Work employees. He also states that it would be very beneficial if this kind of project continues.

He has positive thoughts about the future. Since Muhiddin has Turkmen origin, he is fluent in Turkish, and for this reason, he can easily socialize with Turkish people. He also thinks that Turkish people are amiable and treat him well. In addition to social aspects, he wants to invest in his workshop for expanding the business; for this reason, he needs financial support. He believes that if he can access the necessary resources, the business would easily be turned into a more profitable one. In the future, he does not plan to return to Syria and want to stay in Turkey. However, he is not sure what life will bring since he lives under Temporary Protection. Still, as long as he can stay, he is happy to be here and wants to stay in Turkey.