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United Work Reintegration and Placement Services is a non-profit organization running a social responsibility project in refugee employment area.

United Work’s main goal is to increase the involvement of refugees into the workforce and function as a job & employee seeking channel for refugee candidates and employers. Consecutively; United Work contacts companies of all industries and of all business sizes in order to be part of their search and selection processes. Companies which would like to consider refugee candidates as part of their candidate pool shall share the criteria they are seeking at a candidate and the job description in detail. United Work promises to find candidates that matches the company expectation, shortlist the best suitable candidates and organize job-interviews for the company and candidates. Once company makes a hiring decision, process continues with the work permit application process assistance and on-site trainings.









*  As of 15/07/2021

How We Work?

Legal boundaries set by the law is one of the main handicaps in refugee employment. Refugees under temporary protection status are only eligible to work in the city they are registered in; if they are registered in the city longer than months. United Work undertakes the responsibility to ensure that a candidate is suitable to all legal requirements even before the candidate is introduced to the company.
Consultancy Services

How to Collabrate?

Since its foundation on January 2017, United Work’s field efforts for contacting companies for their vacancies revealed that the Textile, Production, Call Centers, Tourism, Service Industry, Metal Industry, Retail, Health, and Catering Industries are highly responsive being part of the programme and to employing refugee. Obviously, various industries and various business sizes are attracted to hire refugees with their respective motivation. Observed motivations in the market are usually dependent on that specific industry’s conditions. While production companies in several industries are considering refugee candidates due to lack of interest by the local workforce; industries such as service and retail are in need of Arabic speaking skills as Middle Eastern clientele is a significant percentage in their customer profile.

Founded on January 2017; United Work has created remarkable impact on the market and the number of placed candidates has gained acceleration very rapidly. This impact has been observed by international brands and many local and international companies.

Through United Work’s services, companies may disburden their HR Team, increase diversity in the workplace and be part of a social responsibility project complimentarily creating a financial impact on the market both materially and spiritually.

United Work is open to all collaborations in refugee employment field. All companies are strongly encouraged to contact United Work whether they need candidates, work permit assistance, adaptation modules for their existing employees and/or other related fields in refugee hiring & employment area.

Consultancy Services

Our Works

Work Permit

United Work helps refugees and companies with the process of obtaining a work permit. It can be challenging for refugees and companies to understand the process and requirements of obtaining a working permit in Turkey. We provide Work Permit Consultancy services.

Work Permit

In order to receive more information and to benefit from our free of charge supports, you can contact our consultants.

Search and Selection

We are aiming to make the best matches for potential job openings, search and selection division applies professional search and selection strategies to build long-term business relationships between companies and job seekers.

Search and Selection

In order to receive more information and to benefit from our free of charge supports, you can contact our consultants.


UW targets to strengthening employable skills of job seekers, giving better insight about professionalism and ethics in the work life along with labor rights and liabilities which allows refugees to better adapt to their new workplace.


Further information you can check our training page


In order to receive more information about our subsidies and to benefit from our free of charge supports, you can always contact our consultants or you can visit United Work offices in your region.


In order to receive more information and to benefit from our free of charge supports, you can contact our consultants.

Our Collaborations

What Companies Say About Us

We would like to underline that we are open to all collaborations in the field to create change together.
Frequently Asked Questions

Have Any Questions?

Will there be any charges involved during any stage of your services?
United Work is a non-profit organisation that provides complimentary services to employees and employers.
What are the demographics of the refugees you assist being placed?
Currently, there are slightly over 4 million refugees in Turkey. All refugees whom are above legal working age and whom obtain remaining conditions are considered part of United Work candidate pool.
Is language going to be a barrier?
Turkish skills can vary from beginner to advanced for refugees. Language skills may be a recruitment criterion for Companies; in such case United Work will select candidates accordingly.
Are United Work efforts are limited only to Istanbul?
Along with the headquarter in İstanbul; United Work has region offices in İzmir and Bursa. Also, United Work provides assistance to companies from all around Turkey from distance or on-site upon request.
At what stage can we be involved, is it possible to ask for your services partially?
United Work aims to provide a whole circle assistance on search and selection processes. Companies may request supoort on whole or part of the process as they require.
Does the process end after job-start?
After hiring processes are completed, United Work provides an on-site corporate adaptation modüle to new employees focusing on improving adaptation and effectiveness of the employees.
Is there any subsidies related to refugee employment?
Subsidies are often available and provided through outside funds within differentiating conditions. You are kindly encouraged to contact United Work to request information on current subsidy possibilities.
What could be done for candidates that are not legally eligible to apply for a work permit?
If the refugee does nt hold a Temporary Proctection ID or registered under Temporary Protection Status in a different city than the employer; a work permit application shall not be possible. United Work commits to check candidates eligibility to work permit application and direct only suitable candidates.

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