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Success Story of

Hamid Boşi

Hamid Boşi is one of the beneficiaries of the Şirketim project and applied to the project in February to formalized his business. He was born in Aleppo in 1997. He is a high-school graduate. Today, he lives in Sultanbeyli, Istanbul, and runs a textile workshop.

Until 2013, he had a decent life in Syria, accommodating in Aleppo. He used to live with his family, and he was working in his father’s tailor shop. However, in 2013, the detrimental effect of the Syrian civil war on their family’s life had become unbearable, and they grudgingly decided to immigrate from their country. Thorough Aleppo border, he, in comparison with other families, fortunately, keeping family together, entered in Kilis, Turkey. Shortly after, the family decided that it would be better if they move to Istanbul, where there are more job and livelihood opportunities. Today, he still lives with his family, although his father passed away last year.

In the beginning, in accordance with his profession, he worked in another tailor’s shop. He was well-skilled in this business. Although he was working as a tailor, he was planning to continue his education. However, the condition did not let him pursue his educational plans. Nevertheless, he would go after another ambition of him. As he declares, establishing a business and working for his own account was his ambition, as well as a family business. At the beginning of 2019, he has gathered the necessary structure to start a business and established a textile workshop.

Although following his ambitions and establishing a business was a remarkable beginning for him, he had to shoulder heavier responsibilities. Establishing a business does not require solely finding a place and starting the operation; behind the scenes, there are so many different legal responsibilities that an entrepreneur should undertake. However, in the beginning, he has no idea about these responsibilities; for this reason, he was dealing with several legal hardships that were discouraging and worrying him. Accordingly, he states that he was in need of some kind of guidance or consultancy.

Fortunately, he has heard about the Şirketim project when one of the project officers visits his workplace. The officer informed him about the legal processes that must be undertaken by an entrepreneur, introduced the project, and explained how the project would support him if he signs in the project. After considering and searching for a while, he participated in the project at the end of February. Since then, all project services are well-delivered, and he has already completed all the formalization steps. Within the scope of the project, his tax registration, chamber registration is completed, E-Signature, POS machine, and the fire extinguisher is procured, he received a work permit and obtained the municipality license with the support of the project. He also adds that he is well informed during the project, especially on legal affairs and accounting, where he troubles because of the lack of information. Therefore, he is grateful to the project officers who have always been helpful and supportive and project donors who made all this process possible. From now on, as he informed during the project processes, he would follow entrepreneurs’ responsibilities in the post-formalization process.

Having the confidence of formalization, he initially wants to expand his business in Turkey as well as in Europe in the future. In Europe, where his brothers live (in Belgium and Germany), he already has contacts; therefore, he thinks that exporting to Europe is a realistic goal for his business. However, he notes that the COVID-19 outbreak had a serious adverse impact on his business. He still endeavors to obviate this influence. Therefore, he thinks that the economic support provided within the scope of the project has had a remarkable contribution to his business, and he wants this support to continue. Also, in the near and further future, he wants to live in Turkey; however, he knows that Temporary Protection Status does not guarantee permanent residency. Therefore, he feels anxious about his future in Turkey, although he wants to have a decent life and family here.