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Success Story of

Fariha Al-Sharabi,

Fariha Al-Sharabi, a Syrian engineer, born in Damascus in 1991. She came to Turkey in 2015 and completed her master’s in Material Science and Engineering. “I came to Istanbul with my mother and decided to stay here to pursue my studies and achieve my professional goals, which seemed very difficult in my country recently,” she said.

She read a lot of books about entrepreneurship and observed the companies she has worked with until she established her own company. She and her husband are designing and manufacturing innovative and modern products that meet the needs of individuals and society. “I dreamed to serve the community” she said,” I think that we as engineers, have a duty to find solutions to the problems that our societies are exposed and contribute to protect them”. As a start-up company due to the Covid-19 pandemic Fariha is struggling to find new companies and customers. With Digi-Trade Project “I enhanced my understanding of tax and accounting issues, relevant government platforms, online marketplace, and digital marketing.”