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From Refugee to Employee

United Work Reintegration and Placement Services for Syrian refugees in Turkey.
United Work Reintegration and Placement Services, which is established by the funding of Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a non-profit organization that is running a social responsibility project funded and supported by the various governmental bodies and INGO’s and NGO’s aiming to support Syrian refugees being part of business life in Turkey.

In 2016, a survey has been carried out amongst Dutch companies in Turkey, as an initiative from the Netherlands Minister of Foreign Trade and Development to employ Syrian refugees at companies in Turkey. In regard to the results of the survey; United Work has been founded with the motto “From Refugee to Employee” by the fund granted.

United Work functions as a non-profit organization offering complimentary search and selection services based on job descriptions companies provide, organizing interviews, along with pre-job trainings focusing on enhancing soft skills, on improving cultural learning and on social and work life adaptation and work permit consultancy.

United Work is the one and only organization that is offering job seeking, placement, work permit consultancy and adaptation modules as a package under one roof.


United Work Services

United Work have designed and developed all of its programs and services accordingly need and demand of refugees, host community and labour market to provision of job creation for all actors of labour market.


United Work is a unique organization offering job seeking, job placement, training, and work permit consultancy services as a package under one roof.


United Work offers complimentary search and selection services, job interview organization, along with pre-job training focusing on employability and work-life adaptation and work permit consultancy.



January 1

The Recruitment Program For The UNDP Model Factories Has Started.

December 16

Şirketim licencing project has started.

November 16

TUROB collaboration was initiated.

October 1

Our 3000th placement.

September 1

Provided employment opportunities to Spark Scholarship benefactors in Hatay, Mersin and Gaziantep.

July 1

Started our third working term.

June 1

United Work provided consultancy services for its 500th private company.

June 1

United Work became a United Nations Global Compact member.

May 1

El Corte Ingles, an Amfori member, was awarded second place in Member’s Award contest for its collaboration with United Work.

February 2

01.02.2019 We finalized our biggest placement so far (254 candidates).

United Work Services

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United Work aim to making best matches between companies and job seekers.


United Work offers complimentary search and selection services and more for Syrian Refugees in Turkey.


United Work train the refugees targeted to strengthening employable skills of job seekers.