On February, 17 beneficiaries of United Work who are under International Protection status started their first formal job in Turkey with the support of the KIKA Project implemented by United Work in the cities of Eskişehir, Denizli and Adana.
They landed their job interviews on the last days of 2020. Once the job seekers succeeded during the job interviews, the KIKA project team provided assistance to the companies during the work permit application process. Right after receiving their work permissions, they were invited by their new employers to start to work in decent conditions as everyone deserved.

About the Employers; The company named Europen is one of the biggest players in Turkey’s glass industry that employs more than 1500 staff in 5 manufacturing sites and, the other employer, Köklüce Makina is operating in the machine industry has hundreds of employees in 4 production sites located in 88.000 m2.