As United Work Yeniden Entegrasyon ve İstihdam Hizmetleri Limited Şirketi  (“Company”), we show maximum care for the security of your personal data. In this regard, we give great importance to processing and storage of personal data of all the persons that are provided to us, as the Company, in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data numbered 6698 (“Law”).


  1. Personal Data Categories Being Processed


Personal data and sensitive personal categories processed by our company are indicated below along with the relevant groups of persons:


  • Identity (employee, employee candidate, trainee, employee candidate of the client)
  • Contact Information (employee, employee candidate, trainee, employee candidate of the client)
  • Education and Professional Experience (employee, employee candidate, employee candidate of the client)
  • Financial Information (employee, supplier, customer)
  • Legal Transaction (employee, supplier, customer)
  • Risk Management (employee, supplier, customer)
  • Personnel file (employee)
  • Health Information (employee, employee candidate of the client, trainee )
  • Image (trainee)
  • Information Security (employee and visitor)
  • Ethnic Origin (employee candidate of the client)


  1. Collection, Processing and Purposes of Processing of Personal Data


Your personal data, including your sensitive personal data from time to time, shall be collected and used by our Company for recruitment process:


  1. for the execution and administration of employment,
  2. for the performance of the legal obligations of our Company, where processing of data is obligatory due to establishment,
  3. carrying out human resources and administrative affairs operations,
  4. for providing selection and placement services,
  5. for providing training services,
  6. for providing work permit provision services,
  7. to be able to benefit from the aid projects that our company is involved in,
  8. for establishing or performing other contractual / business relationship with our company,
  9. for data processing is mandatory for the establishment, protection or use of a right,
  10. for carrying out the promotional and marketing activities of our Company, in cases where you have your express consent,
  11. your personal data needs to be processed for the security of our Company or for the legitimate purposes of our Company.


  1. To Whom and For Which Purposes the Processed Personal Data May Be Transferred


Your personal data collected may be transferred to our business partners, customers, affiliates, Company authorities, suppliers, persons who perform services, public institutions and private persons that are authorized as per the law, within the scope of conditions and purposes of processing of personal data stated in articles 8 and 9 of the Law.


Additionally, your personal data may be transferred to the servers/programs/cloud located in Turkey/abroad.


  1. Method and Legal Cause of Collection of Personal Data


Your personal data is collected in all kinds of verbal, written or electronic environment for the purposes stated in article 1 of this Information Note and in accordance with the following legal causes stated in article 5 of the Law: (i) cases where processing is explicitly stated in the laws, (ii) cases where processing is required for execution or performance of a contract, (iii) cases where processing is required for establishment, use or protection of a right, (iv) cases where processing is required for legitimate interests of data controller or based on your explicit consent.


  1. Data Security


Our Company protects your personal data in full compliance with all reasonable technical and administrative security controls, which are required to be conducted according to information security standards and procedures, and at an appropriate level against the potential risks.


  1. Data Subject’s Rights


When you, as the personal data subjects, submit your requests regarding your rights to our Company in accordance with the legislation, our Company shall respond to such request without any charge and within 30 days at the latest, depending on the nature of the request.


In this respect, the personal data subjects have the following rights;


  • Right to acknowledge whether the personal data is processed,
  • Right to request information on the matter, if the personal data is processed,
  • Right to acknowledge the purpose of processing of personal data and whether the personal data is used in accordance with such purpose,
  • Right to know the third parties to which the personal data are transmitted domestically or in abroad,
  • If the personal data is processed wrongfully or deficiently, right to request for correction of the personal data and to request notification of the transaction performed in this respect to third parties, to which personal data is transferred,
  • Right to request for deletion or disposal of the personal data, when the reasons require processing of such personal data are disappeared, even though the personal data are processed in compliance with the Law and provisions of other relevant laws, and to request notification of the transaction performed in this respect to third parties, to which personal data is transferred,
  • Right to object to occurrence of a circumstance against the interest of the data subject, which came to existence as a result of analyzing the processed data exclusively by automatic systems,
  • Right to request for compensation for the damages incurred due to unlawful processing of personal data.


Pursuant to the 1st paragraph of Article 13 of the Law, for any question or request regarding your above-mentioned rights, you can send a written notification to Merkez Mahallesi, Norm İş Merkezi, Geçit Sokağı no 6 D:Kat 2, 34384 Şişli/İstanbul or you can send an e-mail to