Guess – Sales Representatives
Guess is hiring 4 Arabic Speaking Sales Representatives in 4 stores in Istanbul.

Yargıcı – Sales Representatives

Yargıcı is hiring 55 Arabic Speaking Sales Representatives in 27 Stores in 8 Cities in Turkey. ( – Call Center Agent will hire 10 call center agents.

Fairmont Hotels – Housekeeper-Receptionist

Fairmont Hotels will hire 5 housekeeper and 1 Receptionist.

Elysium Hotel – Receptionist

Elysium Hotel will hire 1 receptionist.


2010 Istanbul Textile – Textile Worker

2010 Istanbul Textile is one of the Asos & Puma Suppliers in Turkey. According to their needs they hired 7 textile workers.

Ereks Textile – Textile Worker

Hired 14 textile workers.

P&G Long-Term IT Intern

P&G hired a long-term IT Intern.

Turkeyana –Secretary & Translator

Turkeyana hired 2 woman employee as a secretary and an Arabic-Speaker Translator