United Work plan to train “Digital Transformation Training” for 30 MSME’s. When we read this sentence, we feel that it is not to hard to achieve this target for UW. But the real life is not that easy especially during COVID19 and lockdown terms. We cannot train the beneficiaries online because the beneficiaries has no tablet or laptop pc’s. So, the project changed to onsite one to one training modality. UW’s trainers visit all these 30 Beneficiaries facilities, train them onsite and face to face for whole day during their daily commercial routine and finish them all before the full lockdown. As the manager of UW, I want to share my special thanks with Ms. Çizgi Eryılmaz, Mr. Abdullatif Haskilo and Mr. Ahmet Soykarcı for their effort and their self-sacrifice.

Enis Kösem