I know this newsletter belongs to the month February 2021 but when you read this newsletter the date will be 15.March.2021 which means 1st anniversary of Corona Virus in Turkey. Every organization has its core business and they were concentrate on this business. But after COVID19 the scenario changed and suddenly COVID19 placed at the first priority. We all started to work under the conditions of the pandemic, try to do our job under different and difficult conditions.

Some companies stay between two ideas “Protect themselves from COVID but bankrupt soon” or “Keep on working but infected by the virus”. The result of both stories are not good. But the reality is the word will never be the same and the attitudes of people should be changed by pandemic.

It seems that the economy will be effected very hard and difficult days will come in the future.

As you know, life is very difficult for refugees before COVID19. Now, the life will be more difficult for them by nature.