Success Story of

Ali Musa

United Work, in cooperation with Spark, have organized an onsite Job Matching Event organized at Gaziantep on 22-23 June 2021. We have provided tailored face-to-face counselling sessions on career planning and the job search process to 48 job seekers. In individual counselling sessions, our consultants supported job seekers inviting all interested candidates from both SuTP Community and Local Host Community. With the aim of capacity building. They evaluated the candidates’ CVs and offered tailor-made guidance and recommendations for each beneficiary to explore their talents and improve their career planning. Ali Musa was one of the participants, we are pleased to share his story and experience:

Ali Musa is patient, faithful and determined. He is 21 years old and he was born in Gaziantep. He is continued his education in Kahramanmaraş in Political Science and International Relations. After attending the Job Matching Event organized by United Work in Gaziantep, he said “I changed my CV as you suggested, I highlighted my strengths. I found a job a month after the training because I also had e-commerce experience in the past”. He also stated “At the Job Interview i used the information given by Mr. Enis Kösem, that was very useful.” Ali Musa is constantly trying to improve himself to realize his dreams. “United Work can change a lot about careers, the department you are studying does not prevent you from doing your dream job. My advice is to develop yourself in the areas you love and have a good future.”