Success Story of

Başak Ünsal

Başak Ünsal, entrepreneur, and mother, is working very hard to make her dream business keep going. After working in banking sector for 12 years, she decides to follow her dreams by building her own business. Making sector analysis and feasibility studies she decides to start her business in bridal wear sector. She comes up with the concept of “try at home” and she starts her business online

In this business model, the customer books a date for the trial on the website and the sales assistant brings the selected bridal gowns to the customer’s house. This concept is postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic and to keep her business alive she decides to open a store. “I never imagined things would get upside down, my business adversely affected by shutdowns, the weekend bans and wedding ceremony restrictions reduced customer demand, there is a noticeable decrease in foreign customers and I’m the only one to keep up all the work. I hope everything goes back to normal” she said. “the digital transformation training gave me the idea to be more involved in social media, try digital marketing, to open an online store in e-marketplace and seek if there is a demand for my products.”