Maher  Faraj

Maher Faraj

What is your name? How old are you?
Maher Faraj, I am 33 Years old.
What is your education level?
I studied public information in Syria and I worked in my field for like 8 years and I also worked as a journalist in a newspaper.
Are you married? Do you have any children?
Yes, I am. No, but my wife is going to give the first birth after 8 days.
Did you work in Turkey before?
Yes, I have worked in factories, an Egyptian TV channel, and in a radio and all of them were informal jobs.
So, were all the jobs without work permission?
Yes, they were all not. But one of the factories, they registered me into governmental social security system but I did not know that it is not valid without getting a work permission.
So, this job is the first job with a work permit?
Yes, it is
From where did you learn that you must have a work permit to be registered into governmental social security system?
From the newspaper and the radio I have worked in, because I used to prepare every week three top-ics, that made me read and learn a lot.
Why did you left your job in the radio?
Because, the company had contract with a German company and when I first started the job in the ra-dio, I was informed that it might be short-term if the contract does not get renew. I did not so that I left after a short while.
How did you find United Work?
I heard from friends that this organization helps people finding formal jobs in Turkey.
Do you think, United Work has changed your life?
Of course, it is a positive thing. I feel I know that my rights are secured, and the work permit helped me to get a protection card for my wife.
How long have you been working for this com-pany?
It has been more than 6 months.
What are your responsibilities in this job?
I work in packaging section.
Did you have any difficulties communicating with people here?
Since my Turkish is fair enough, I do not have any communication problems.
Does anyone here have any racial discrimina-tion towards you, because of your nationality?
In the workplace, I have not come across anything towards me.
Do you think that you need any courses to im-prove your career life?
I think I need to take Montag and a Turkish course because if I want to work in TRT they use different Montag programs and they want Turkish.
So, do you think about leaving this job?
Yes, If I have a chance I would love to work in my field.
How was your life before learning Turkish?
Yes, it was really difficult because wherever I go I can not work.
Where did you learn Turkish?
I learned Turkish through Internet
Do you have any future plan such as going back to Syria?
Yes, I would love to but I can not. Because I have not done my military service, so that and I will stay here.
Do you have any future plan here in Turkey?
Currently, I try to improve my skills, so maybe in the future I will find a better job in my field.
Does your wife work?
No, she does not work.
Why does not she work?
There is no time for her to work since she takes care of the baby.

Thank you