Lubna Ihsan

Lubna Ihsan

Dreams become true!.

Always remember it is just a one step to reach what we are dreaming of.

I am writing to highly recommend the training conducted by United Work, it is not only a traditional course to learn latest information, it is also an opportunity to introduce you to new people, community, and professional life.

During the course, I learned many things, including but not limited to, the correct way to write my CV, practical training for job interviews, and developing my soft skills.

Thats not it, as United Work has also helped me to find a legal and stable job in Turkey, by introducing me as a candidate to companies, advising, and follow up during the entire process of interview and employment.

Honestly this was the gate to continue my professional career in one of the biggest international corporations in Turkey.

So, I recommend you live the experience, share your thoughts with others, learn more new things and techniques which will help you be successful in your professional life.

Your future career is waiting for you, just open the door and join this wonderful and interesting training.

Wish you the best in your careers,