Haytham Zairbani

Haytham Zairbani

What is your name?

Haytham Zayirbani

How old are you?

I am 39 years old.

Are you married or single? If so, do you have any children?

I am married. Yes, I have two daughters and one son.

Do your children go to school? how old is your eldest child?

Yes, they go to school. 12 years old.

When did you come to Turkey?

I came in 2014.

So, you have been here for like 4 years?

Maybe more, now I am at the beginning of the fifth year.

How did you come to Turkey?

I came through “bab al hawa” entrance.

Where were you living in Syria?

In Aleppo.

What were you doing there, were you working?

Yes, I was working but after the crisis, I had to come to Turkey, so firstly I came just myself then I brought my family.

What is your education level?

I just finished elementary school.

So, what was your job in Syria?

I had my own job in trading.

What kind of jobs have you worked in since you came to Turkey?

I have worked in the construction field, also I worked in textile at ironing section and then I started this job that United work provided me.

Before this job, have you had any formal job here in Turkey?

No, those were not formal jobs, previous employers did not accept to provide me a work permit. It is my first formal job.

How did you hear about United Work?

I heard from people that this organization helps Syrian refugees to find formal jobs in Turkey.

Do you thing United Work has changed your life?

Of course, finding a formal job is a positive thing.

Do you live yourself or with your family?

I live with my family.

So you told that your children go to school, do they have any problems in the school?

Yes they do and they do not have any problems.

What about your job here what are your duties?

I am responsible for a machine that squeezes laundries.

How long have you been working here?

It has been more than a month.

Do you have any difficulties working here, like communicating with the people here or difficulties with the Turkish language?

There are no difficulties now, everything is good.

How about the people here how do they treat you?

They are good people here, they treat me well.

How did you learn Turkish?

I learned by myself.

Do you think that you need any courses to improve your career life?

Yes, I think I need to improve my Turkish language skills, because to me it is the main factor to make finding a job easier.

Are you the only one who works in your family?

Yes, I am the only one who works.

What about your wife, does she work?

No, she does not.

Why does not she work if she did, would not it be easier to survive?

Because she is the one who takes care of the kids.

The salary that you are paid now is enough for you to live?

Yes, at some level

Do you have extra job that is out of the job here?

No, I do not have any.

Do you have any future plan such as going back to Syria?

Yes of course, but if the situation gets better.

If you go back to Syria do you have a job or you will start from the beginning?

No, I do not have a job, but I can start working there, because it is my country and I know how things work there.