Cihan Halil

Cihan Halil

Can you please describe yourself? What is your name? Where are you from? How old are you? What is your education level?

My name is Cihan Halil. I’m from Raqqa, Syria. I am 26 years old. In Syria I was studying at agricultural institute but I had to leave. Here in Turkey, I have to work to support my family, so I couldn’t complete my education.

When did you come to Turkey? What country/city did you enter Turkey from?

I came to Turkey on March 2013. I came to Şanlıurfa first, I just came to İzmir 18 months ago.

With whom have you come to Turkey? Did you come alone or with family? If you came with family, are they still with you?

I came here with my family. Now, I’m still living with my parents and my little sisters who is going to school now.

How long have you been working here? Did you work before you came to Turkey? If yes what were you doing?

I have been working in this textile company for 9 months now. I had no previous experience neither in Turkey nor Syria.

Where do you live now? Who do you live with? Do you live with and care for any children or elderly people? If yes, who are they and how old are they?

I’m living in Konak with my family. I am not married but I have 2 little sisters, I have to support my family economically.

Should we talk a little bit about your current project/job role? What is your role in this project?

I am working in quality control department of a textile company. I am checking products whether there is any defects on them or not. I don’t have previous experience on this job, my colleagues teach me everything I know right now.

How did you hear about United Work? How United Work changed your life, is it positive or negative way?

I have a friend who told me about your organization and he brought me to your office to apply for open positions. Of course UW changed my life in a positive way and this is not just for me I guess, they touch all Syrians’ life living in İzmir.

What difficulties have you faced while working on this project? What are some of the problems that you are facing? Examples can be financial, legal or personal.

Anyone may face with some problems when they enter in a new environment. I am so quiet and shy, I can’t communicate people easily. For this reason, my adaptation period was longer than anyone else but now, I feel more comfortable.

What additional skills do you need in order to improve at your job? For ex-ample, do you need further Turkish language proficiency, more information about your occupation, or job skill training?

I need to improve my Turkish level. I am planning to have a weekend course if I can arrange my schedule.

How would you describe your relations with people from Turkey in general? At work and in your private life?

Generally, there is no difference   between me and the other Turkish workers. I don’t feel that I am a foreigner. I feel like I am living in my country.

Do you feel a sense of belonging in Turkey? How was your life in Turkey since you don’t speak Turkish Language?

As i said, I feel like I am living in my home country. However, I faced some problems because I don’t speak Turkish well, it will be better soon but with practice.

What do you think about your future? Do you plan to stay in Turkey or do you plan to go back to Syria one day?

I would like to stay in Turkey and have a Turkish citizenship.

Thank you.

Thank you for your help