Ahmad Khasar

Ahmad Khasar

Hello can you tell me about yourself please?

My name is Ahmad Kassar and I am from Syria/Aleppo and my profession is in trading so when the war started, I had to leave my job and come here hoping that the war will finish. So, my job field was in exporting and importing women clothes.

Could you tell me when did you come to Turkey?

I came seven years ago.

Are you working now? If you are working, what type of jobs do you have?

Now I have my shop I bring fabrics from companies and then I make a deal with a textile company. I give then the designs of what I want to be designed because I am a fashion designer. So they create the model for me and I get it and put it here in my shop and after that I start to market for the models on Facebook.

Did you have any previous jobs in Turkey before this current job? If yes, what kind of job(s)? How did you find work? 

Of course, I have worked in a Turkish Factory and then I started a business with a Turkish person and he fraud me by 40,000TL, so I had to close the work and then I have opened a clothes shop.

So how did the idea of this job come to your mind?

Because this job is my job since I was in Aleppo and I also adore the clothes field, so I have learned how to design clothes without attending any courses.

The first time when you decided to open your job, what were the obstacles you encountered?

Actually the money was the only obstacle.

Did you experience any problems about the official documents?

Only the language.

What about the person who fraud you, were you able to sue him?

We tried but we couldn’t.

What about your relationships with the Turkish people, I mean how would you describe it, do you feel that you have common things with them?

Actually life with them is beautiful, because no other country has provided the things they provided.

What about your life here in Turkey, do you feel that you got used to the life here or not?

Of course, I got used to life here and even the people ask me if I will go back to Syria and I tell them I don’t want to. Because here you feel that people respect you.

What are the most preferable products that the Syrian women like to buy?

Make-up products and for clothes you can say white dresses.

Okay thank you very much for your time, I have finished my questions, so if you have any question you can ask me.

Nothing at all, thank you too.