United Work is proud to announce that Applied SME Capability Center (a.k.a. Model Factory) Project – Registered Employment Component funded by the UNDP in Konya has been successfully terminated. During the project term, 184 SuTPs have been placed in registered jobs and a total of 516 interviews took place with 396 different firms in five months. Companies from logistics, import, textile, leather & shoe, construction, electric & electronics, service, furniture, FMCG, plastics, automotive, industry, production, and other sectors were reached out to.

Project term target was to find registered jobs for 100 SuTPs. The target has been exceeded by 54%, and it is clear evidence of the project’s quantitative success. In addition to this quantitative success, it is possible to mention the qualitative success of the project over generated demand and awareness for the refugee workforce and increased recognition of the project partners in the region, since companies and beneficiaries remained loyal to the project even while the process strung out during the COVID-19 outbreak.