Turkish Red Crescent Business and Vocational Turkish Language Training

By providing vocational Turkish language courses on a sectoral basis for beneficiaries who attend vocational training courses in various institutions and organizations, beneficiaries who are seeking for jobs with professional skills, and who are already working, we aim to ensure that the beneficiaries participate in the labor market and become permanent.

In this context, the capacity of Turkish Instructors working in Community Centers has been enhanced by organizing Business and Vocational Turkish Instructor Training in cooperation with Ankara University TÖMER. Modules have been created for 11 sectors and sub-sectors with the highest number of openings in the labor market. Welder, Textile Worker, Kitchen Staff, Handicraft Manufacturing and Sales Staff, Food Production and Sales, Computer and Mobile Phone Repairman, Agricultural Worker are some of the modules created.

Notes regarding the training;
– In order to participate in the training, at least A2 or higher Turkish language proficiency is required.
– Training will continue for at least 3 or at most 5 days a week, and the training will be completed within a maximum of 3 weeks.
– In line with the demands of the beneficiaries, there is a possibility of the opening morning, afternoon, or evening groups.
– Training may be realized face to face or online, depending on the current situation in the relevant city.
– The training calendar and online training link will be sent by phone and SMS to those who are accepted to the training.
– Candidates who are seeking a job or currently working will be prioritized for training.
– At the end of the training, TÖMER certificate with international validity will be issued to those who attend at least 80% of the training and pass the exam.