Ahmad Al Hariri

Ahmad Al Hariri

What is your name, age and education level?

Ahmad Al Hariri, from Syria Aleppo, 29 Years old and I have a Bachelor degree in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.

Were you working in your education field in Syria?

Yes, I used to have my own job in the same field, but when the war had started I had to close my job and come to Turkey.

Ahmad are you married, do you have any children?

I was married, but currently I am divorced. I have two children who live with their mother.

When did you come to Turkey and did you find any job?

Four years ago. The first thing was in printing on different types of clothing.

Was it a formal job, did you have a work permit and health insurance?

No, it was not formal. I asked them for a work permit, but they did not apply for it.

What are your duties at this job, did you have any experience in this before?

I work as machine operator, no I did not have I learned it here on the job.

How long have you been working in this job?

It has been five months for working here.

How did you hear about United Work?

One of my friends told me about this organization that helps Syrian refugees finding a formal job.

Do you think that your rights are secured in the current job, I mean if some-one treated you in a bad way?

Yes, of course, I mean if someone does not treat me well, I can just tell the management here and they will handle it.

Do you think that getting supported by United Work was a positive or a negative thing?

For me it is a positive thing of course, because I know that my rights are secured. Because, I got suffered while working without a work permit. One of my previous employers, did not pay 2000 TRY of my salary that I should have been paid.

Do you have any difficulties with the language?

Yes, I did not learn the language much, but the people here always help me.

Do you think that you need any courses to improve your skills?

Yes, I need a course for the Turkish language, because I am thinking of completing my education.

Since you came to Turkey, did you feel any racism from the people here?

No, I did not feel anything at all, the people here are very helpful.

Did you adapt to life here in turkey?

Yes, I have adapted very well, I am very happy here.