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Registration is much more important now….

As we underlined from the beginning of UW Project, UW is very serious about obeying the terms, conditions and rules of Turkish Government. It is totally clear, if a refugee wants to work in Turkey or an employer wants to hire a refugee, they are subjected to the rules below.

1. The Employer can hire 1/10 of their total Turkish Employee

2. The Refugee can work in the city in which they are registered.

3. The refugee is eligible for a work permit application once s/he receive TPID and s/he has no crime record in Turkey,

The rules are too easy to understand and clear to follow. But what happened during the time, not only the refugees, also the employees try to bend the rules according to their benefit. The refugees moved to the places which is rich for job opportunities and employers hire refugees without looking from their registration address.

Refugees find unregistered jobs and work without social security and they still have their supports from EU, UN and Worldbank. Employers didn’t pay work permit expense, the social security and the taxes of the refugees to the government and instead they work with refugees in unregistered ways.

In Istanbul the number of registered Syrian refugees should be almost 549.000 but practically it is much more than this number. On the other hand, the number of unregistered workers from different countries or the workers who has a tourist visa are not included to this number.

It will be a big trouble for Turkish labour market if we don’t think about the solution alternatives.

After the end of Bayram, By the leadership of The Minister of Interior, Turkish Government started the inspections and the ones who must live in a different city send back to this city and the ones who has no ID were deported from Turkey. This was a serious decision which had to be done many years ago.

Once the employers and refugees realized the intensity of the Government, they started to register themselves as per law dictates.

UW underlines this reality from the beginning of the project and always warns and informs both sides about staying at the legal side. Today, we are proud of our work that we did in the past and today.

On the other hand, government changed some rules about work permit to make it easier. Such as;

1. If the employer cannot find an employee from local employees then by the permission of Iskur, the 1/10 quota will be increase.

2. If the refugee receives a job for the employer, it is easier for a refugee to change his registered location.

3. There is no need to wait 6 months anymore to apply a work permit.

A rule change has not been announced on the relevant laws, but we experienced that there are some companies and refugees who has a work permit with these bended versions of the rules.

The minister of Interior announced that 31. October.2019 will be the last day for registration or returning to the registered location. We hope it will be a solution to the potential risk and the inspection won’t be done for a while, it will keep on doing by government every time when they face with a refugee.

Opportunities for Unauthorized NGO’s,

Another side of this story is NGO’s. Many NGO’s are active in Turkey to help refugees. In the beginning of the crisis they are dealing with “Humanitarian” projects. Food, Medicine, Health, Accommodation, Water, Education etc. supports are their purpose.

They have a lot of money, they spent this money for refugees because it was essential during the first years of the crisis.

But now almost 8 years passed and the “Humanitarian” support changes to “Livelihood” support. They focused first to vocational training. Then they recognized providing vocational training only is not enough for refugees without connecting the trained refugees to a job by the model of UW.

Because of this change many NGO’s change their focus to recruitment.

In Turkey recruitment is under the control of Iskur. None of the organizations can work in recruitment sector without a license of Işkur.

Today, many NGO’s start to work in recruitment sector without an İşkur License, unauthorized and in an incompetent way. For this reason, UW’s know-how and expertise will be much more valuable right now.

Trust The Original