How SME’s and MSME’s survive during COVID19?
January 2021 Meeting Newsletter

How SME’s and MSME’s survive during COVID19?

How SME’s and MSME’s survive during COVID19?

Life and the practices of business life changed in last one year’s period. The World is more remote and digitalised in this period. The ones who and which adjusted to these changes can survive and the lucky ones can even improve.
UW is realizing company visits, candidate interviews, trainings, and Work Permit consultancy all online during this term. On the other hand, UW’s also very strong experiences on SME’s and MSME’s about registration and training.
Registration procedure of SME’S and MSME’s mostly transformed to online by the Government Offices Websites. But not entirely.

UW has been providing “Entrepreneurship Training” more than 3 years now. Over 500 Potential Entrepreneurs and Start-ups had this training face to face at the offices of UW. By the effect of COVID19, UW started to provide these training online on Zoom.

Are training Entrepreneurs and Start-ups enough for them to survive during COVID19?

The answer is “No” for sure….
The Entrepreneurs and Start-ups have to know the opportunities and the solutions of Digital World to help their business survive. During COVID-19 walk-in numbers decreased and online orders are increased. This is a big need in refugee society to know the reality of digital world of Turkey in Business Life.

For this reason, UW started to provide “Digital Transformation Training” in Turkish and Arabic by the beginning of February 2021. The Entrepreneurs and Start-ups can have the subjects below by this training.

·  Digital Transformation 101
·  Technical Infrastructure & Equipment
·  E-Transformation in Accounting
·  Digital Marketing
·  E-Commerce
·  E-Human Resources

Adaptation is the most important issue for a sustainable life and UW is very proud to support refugees and Turkish small businesses during the difficult days of COVID19…