Huda El Helal

Huda El Helal

Huda Al Helal graduated from Economics Faculty at Aleppo University. Demography was her choice to complete her high studies, “Social and Economic Values and Their Effects on Behavior” was her main research for the Master’s Degree. In a private school she started communicating with new generations dealing with the differences and similarities teaching, training, raising their awareness and deliver multicultural life style to their rich personality. Worked from the first day she arrived to İstanbul with several companies as positions of international coordinator because she speaks 3 languages beside her mother tongue.

Welcoming personality, sociable and active she joined “Internations” an organization helps expats to feel at home abroad, meet people and find information about their environment and she became a  host counsel for several groups. Her best aim is to make life a better place to live. Before joining United Work as trainer she was volunteering with AAR Japan with “ Door to Door” program knocking on the doors of the Syrian Refugees asking, talking and find out their needs by wide observation and how they keep surviving in hard conditions.

” Nobody is perfect but you are not anybody” she sees every person got his own specialty.

As part of the precaution taken against the Covid-19 virus, our Outreach Office at the Sultanbeyli Refugees Association
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