Aylin Sönmezoğlu

Aylin Sönmezoğlu

Aylin Sönmezoğlu works in United Work as İzmir Office Branch Manager.She graduated from American Culture and Literature Faculty, Ege University. Then she attended Business and Administration Course of 9 Eylül University. She mainly worked in tourism sector in her business life. She worked as a sales coordinator at a Convention and Exhibition Center for several years in İzmir. Because of her career and personal communication skills she has a strong network.

She joined United Work as Branch Manager. She believes that she will be an important add to our community by using her communication network as efficiently as possible to enlarge the job opportunities and specify the importance of our project to help more people. She gathered the office by her kind spirit and understanding. She is happy to be part of United Work.

As part of the precaution taken against the Covid-19 virus, our Outreach Office at the Sultanbeyli Refugees Association
is temporarily closed to visitors until 30th of March, 2020.

To reach our Sultanbeyli United Work Representative

0553 045 97 29
0212 274 63 20