Seba Hasan

Seba Hasan

A Master of Architecture at the University of Myanmar Sinan in Istanbul.

I was a lecturer in the universities of Aleppo and Damascus

(Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts.)

And a member of the Syndicate of Fine Artists Damascus Branch.

  Through the skills gallery

I got to know United Work from my interest in following up the activities and I joined the professional support and training course in the organization and it was a rich and beautiful course in paragraphs. I learned how to write a CV, introduce myself and demonstrate my skills and abilities appropriately to companies.

The organization participated in a lecture (stimulating students to complete the study and insist on challenging the difficulties that a person can face in his country and country of exile and presented my personal experience as a model). It was a wonderful and unforgettable engagement

As part of the precaution taken against the Covid-19 virus, our Outreach Office at the Sultanbeyli Refugees Association
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