Rand Assi

Rand Assi

If you are a teacher, a worker at a small factory or even a manager of a big company, you will find this just useful for you. Before I attend to this program I used to underestimate myself and couldn’t dream big. But now I know that I can dream limitless and all things start small and simple.

After I attended to the program and knew all details about preparing my CV and how professional interviews go, I went to apply for a job feeling more confident and more relaxed. When the manager saw my CV, he was so impressed and said literally that was the best CV he saw ever. And he hired me just after a short interview. After all, I would just say this program helped me to get a way better job because of just small details I or even you would not pay attention to.

At the end, every detail in this program is useful for your personal and professional life.

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