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About United Work

United Work Reintegration and Placement Services is an NGO that is running a social responsibility project funded by the Dutch Government aiming to support Syrian refugees being employed in Turkey.

In 2016, a survey has been carried out amongst Dutch companies in Turkey, as an initiative from the Netherlands Minister of Foreign Trade and Development to employ Syrian refugees at companies in Turkey. In regard to the results of the survey; United Work has been founded with the motto “From Refugee to Employee" by the fund granted.

United Work functions as a non-profit organization offering complimentary search and selection services based on job descriptions companies provide, organizing interviews, along with pre-job trainings focusing on enhancing soft skills, on improving cultural learning and on social and work life adaptation and work permit consultancy. United Work is the one and only organization that is offering job seeking, placement, work permit consultancy and adaptation modules as a package under one roof.




March 1 2016

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent a questionnaire about Refugee Employment Project to Dutch companies operating in Turkey

May 24 2016

United Work has been established as a foundation in Eindhoven in the Netherlands


January 24 2017

United Work Team started to orientation training

February 3 2017

United Work started its efforts in Şişli – Istanbul Headquarter

February 9 2017

First “Self Support Program” Module started with 15 trainees

April 21 2017

First placement was for “Marm Assistance A.Ş.” – Obadia Serdar

May 11 2017

A working visit has been organized with the participation of Dutch Embassy and Dutch Consul General

May 22 2017

First outreach office in Sultanbeyli has been opened within Refugee Association premises

May 24 2017

First placement for companies with Dutch origin; Muhammed Sawas has been placed to “Unilever” with the title WCM Specialist

June 13 2017

First woman placement in “Medical Help Turkey” – Leen Abdulmohsen

September 30 2017

Yearly target of 200 placements has been reached within 19 weeks and the first year has ended 3 months earlier than calendar year

October 1 2017

2. year has been planned as 15 months with the support of Dutch Ministry of foreign affairs. 2nd year’s target is three-times of the first year’s target; 600 placements

October 3 2017

Mr. Erik Weststrate from the Dutch Embassy to Turkey and Mr. Bart van Bolhuis from the Dutch Consul General in İstanbl has visited United Work receiving detailed information on our efforts

December 27 2017

First branch office has been established in İzmir Basmane


January 2 2018

First time work permit has been paid by United Work on behalf of “Clinic Expert” for Abdurrahman Kakeh

January 22 2018

First time a training module organized in a city United Work does not have a region office. Kilis – “Elyaf Triko” (Inditex Supplier)

February 21 2018

Second outreach office started its efforts in Fatih İstanbul

May 11 2018

Circa 200 “H&M” Supplier has been welcomed to United Work Headquarter for the employer module on “Adaptation of Employers to Syrian Workforce”

May 20 2018

Second Branch office started its efforts in Bursa Fomara Square

June 30 2018

Second years target of 600 placement has been reached within 9 months

August 31 2018

Within 1 year, 1000 registered placements has been reached; this was a psychological threshold

Our Team


Abdullah Bakira


Abdullatif Haskilo

Junior Trainer

Ahmet Soykarcı

Digital Marketing Assistant

Burçin Oflu


Çizgi Eryılmaz


Enis Kösem

General Manager

Gizem Bülbüller


Hasret Güneş

Business Development Manager

Huda El Helal


Rahmi Uçkan


Rslan Rihan


Simge Kıran

Business Development Manager

Taha Böyükdikmen

Work Permit Consultant


Abdullah Yousef


Aylin Sönmezoğlu

Branch Manager

Ruba Osman



Büşra Öztaşkın


Nilay Ekal