Miryam got a legal job via United Work

Miryam Abdullah (34), a single mother with three children, found a legal job in Istanbul through the services of Dutch NGO United Work. “I work at a meat processing factory. Together with four colleagues, I work in a refrigerated room next to a conveyor belt on which we process packaged mutton meat and beef.”

Funded by the Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development, we are missioned of aiding Syrian Refugees to integrate into workforce in Turkey.


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Visit of Miray Erinç(Researcher)

Miray Erinç who is academic researcher based in London visited United Work İstanbul Office to get information about United Work which is providing services to Syrian refugees in Turkey. She is conducting a research regarding integration of refugees and migrants…

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Chamber of Certified Public Accountants Meeting

Chamber of Certified Public Accountants Meeting

Especially all the small or mid-size companies prefers to solve their registration, work permit application and payroll activities with private accountants. It was a very important meeting for UW to take the support of these Accountants by collaborating with their…

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