Story of Muhammad Asım

My name is Muhammad Asim Zarzor, I was born in Damascus, and I graduated from Damascus University in English Literature. I was one of the top seven outstanding students in my whole country in that major. After graduation, I worked for many years in Syria. There were big companies like Samsung and the main telecom companies.

Funded by the Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development, we are missioned of aiding Syrian Refugees to integrate into workforce in Turkey.


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Support to Life Training

Support to Life Training

Under the collaboration with Support to Life organization we gave our training to the candidates. After they got their participation letters our consultants had interviewed the candidates for possible job opportunities. [gallery ids="7275,7276,7277,7278"]

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H&M Meeting

H&M Meeting

We visited H&M to update the collaboration with them and their suppliers all over Turkey. During the visit we underline the importance of recruiting refugees from registered organizations. At the meeting Mr. Erdoğan Şekerci and Ms. Öznur Özçelik hosted us.

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